We must announce that there will not be a Women In The Pet Industry Leadership & Awards Show Conference in 2018.

Sid Caesar once said, “In between goals is a thing called life.” 

This hit home recently when, Alicia, our conference and live event planner extraordinaire gave birth to premature twins.
The excellent news is the world now has Blakely and Grayer to love.
However, it also brought to home, that WIPIN needs stronger focus to succeed.
To serve you best and even better we want to focus all our efforts on doing two things in the next year.
1.  Developing current and future leaders
2.  Promoting those leaders ever better
So, we have decided to hit the pause button for the year of 2018 on the WIPIN conference.
Having spoken to many of you already, I am encouraged with the knowledge that this is a smart decision for all. Plus it will allow us to rebuild the conference into something even more powerful and for those of you who attend regularly, that’s saying something!
The other thing that is exciting is how so many of you are willing to step up and make WIPIN the kind of network that will bring more and more women into even bigger leadership roles inside their own companies and for the pet industry as a whole.
What now?
1. Promote yourself in the magazine – it’s going to be an amazing spring issue and you’ll receive those emails shortly.
2. Submit yourself for Pet Industry Woman of the Year – this is going to be our main focus so that we can draw in and gather the most remarkable people doing amazing things.
Lastly, we want YOUR input.
What do you think would make WIPIN even better?
How do you see the membership evolving?
What resources do you feel YOU most want and need?
And remember please, that all good things take time and love- babies included!