Action packed and highly valuable content! That describes the schedule for Women in the Pet Industry Conference & Awards Show and that’s the goal!



Suggestion: Fly in the day prior (Sunday, August 19th) – we’re having the fabulous and fun Jewelry Exchange (bring 5 pair and leave with more) which is the best ice-breaker ever! And, if you are a Pet Industry Woman of the Year Finalist for 2018 you will be invited to the PIWY Finalist Fete will be that evening as well! **Past Category Winners and Women of the Year are invited as well**


Spend the morning in a meet up or workshop. This year we will be having workshops offered to attendees who would like to take advantage of the free time on Monday before the conference officially begins. The Achiever Summit will be on Monday morning.

PLEASE – take the time to determine your goals for the event – we work on those to ascertain you get the most out of the conference!
You might also connect with another member and take the train into Portland for an hour or so to experience the culture of this incredible city!
Here’s a link to help you plan!

The conference begins in the afternoon (The Achiever Summit is being held that day) – with a kick off, expert panel and a presentation from Pet Industry Woman of the Year, Gila Kurtz of Dog is Good, – you’ll get your investment back that very night I bet!


The Next day is so packed, you want to really show up to be inspired and energized about extending your own expertise!
We have shifted the format so we have more experts sharing in shorter time frames with their VERY BEST stuff – more interaction so you connect on a deeper level, and some surprises you’ll adore!

Then, after a quick and needed break for you to transform into the gorgeous woman you are, we have the evening of excitement as we announce the next Pet Industry Woman of the Year!


The next day is fly out day – however, after your terrific breakfast buffet – provided each morning with your room – we’ll have an informal closing, to solidify your connections and next step actions – The conference wraps up by 10 for you to get to the airport or go explore the city or take in more of what Oregon has to offer.

Lastly: A couple of things to consider to gain the most from your conference investment:

  1. Plan to come in the day prior – it’s good to be fresh and open minded
  2. Submit yourself for the Pet Industry Woman of the Year Awards – there are five categories and it’s a good exercise to get clear about your offer – and what if you become a finalist? Nominations open on January 8th!
  3. Stay tuned into the private FB page – those going with be connecting there, for room sharing and meet up opportunities.
  4. Watch your inbox for emails from so you are in the loop on everything – these emails will come closer to the event.
  5. Think about sponsoring. It’s an excellent way to extend your brand – something in the swag bag, doing a coffee break, having a display table and on stage commercial – the professionals attending are influencers – be seen! Email Shawna if you want more details about sponsoring. (


There are some amazing pre-conference ways to connect and profit

  • The night prior earring exchange party! This is not only gobs of fun; you get to know others with no preconceived notions or pretenses. We exchange earrings during a fast-paced game where everyone’s a winner! Fly in the day before the conference kicks off and make some lifelong friends – and take home lots of new ear-wear too!
  • Conference morning meet-ups! Deep connecting begins even before the first break out session! Small groups gather to share ideas and learn more about each other with the express purpose of collaboration and connection.

You’ll walk away with ideas and implementation strategies that make this conference worth way more than you invested!

We are excited see you in 2019


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See For Yourself!

Only you can determine if attending the Women in the Pet Industry Conference & Awards Show will help you – but there’s one thing we’ve proven. This conference is the best breeding ground for targeted information and opportunities for collaboration and partnerships in the pet space. Do you really want to miss it?

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Not just a conference!

Bright ideas, beautiful women inside and out, multiple ways to share, connect and collaborate, great and plentiful food, plus the chance to pull out your fancy duds for the Women in the Pet Industry Woman of the Year Awards show (You will be Amazingly Inspired!) are just some of the things in store for you at the 2016 WIPIN conference!

The WIPIN Conference gets better and better each year. The sense of community and comradery is amazing. The knowledge that the speakers and other attendees shared is so valuable and helped me see the value and potential that my business has.” Shannon B. K9 Bytes